I Spy with my camera eyes.


I built this to watch garden birds when nesting. It could be used for any cctv setup. I have 2 triple nest boxes, fitted with cheap cctv cameras. Cameras are 9vdc, with 6 I/R leds and audio, about £8.50 each. The reciever is mounted close to the boxes, inside the garage, and the transmitter is in the bungalow. The transmitter is controlled by Infra-red handset.(TVR010) Cameras scroll through one at a time. Speed of scroll is adjusted by the '-' & '+' buttons. A piezo gives audio indication that I/R command has been received. 1-6 select camera to constantly display, power button resumes scrolling. 0 enters routine to disable/enable cameras, enter 1-6 then power button. camera will be skipped when scrolling. provision is made to attach a 20X4 oled, but I only used it for initial setup. Audio is amplified by an LM386.
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