Interval Timer for Physiotherapy


This is new device I have build for my wife for her to complete her physiotherapy. She wanted a device that provided fixed interval timing, a visual alert and a sound alert.

During the design phase the requirement was changed as follows:

  • Fixed interval timing,
  • Visual alert, Sound alert,
  • Volume control,
  • Vibrate alert,
  • Ability to select alert type,
  • Ability to mute sound and buzzer.

The solution uses a 08m in an existing case with a modified housing for the action button. I replaced the original pcb mounting the on/off switch and volume control in the same place as the original pcb. The solution is essentially:

  • Power supply,
  • Voltage regulator,
  • Picaxe and the required resistors, Transistors and caps as appropiate,
  • Switch with an appropiate mounting,
  • Reuse of the speaker, on/off switch and volume control,
  • Reuse of the high intensity LED and
  • Reuse of a mobile phone vibrator
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