Just a quick webcam photo of the K9 I made for my son.

He was built from clear PVC scrap sheet, (which I got for free from a local plastics firm. Nice blokes!), and which I later painted.

He has hi-brightness red LEDs for his eyes, which shine through 3mm red acrylic, and a 10mm blue LED for a nose laser. A small piezo sounder in his head provides the accompanying 'laser' sound, driven by an 08.

An 18A controls the 16x2 LCD on his left side, and triggers a greeting when he is powered up. "Greetings, master!"

He also has a speaker in his chest and 'speaks' 8 phrases recorded on an HK828 sound chip, which are triggered from the keypad on his back. (I'd like to make them remotely triggered, but that'll be for Mark II).

He is remote controlled via hacked RC car innards - just had to modify the h-bridges to run off 12V, as he is differentially driven via two 12V gearhead motors from Jaycar (cat.no.YG2732). His wheels are rollers from an old inkjet printer.

He still needs a little tartan collar and dogtags but I, and my son, are very happy with him.

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