My first Picaxe 18M2 project... Here's a DIY robot designed to compete in "Mad Dog" challenge as seen on NBC game show "Minute to Win It."

In "Mad Dog," two Tic-Tac boxes are mounted to each end of a 12 inch ruler; contestants pick up the ruler with their teeth and have to shake out all the Tic-Tacs within a minute.

Any universal IR remote control which can produce Sony TV IR signals can control the Mad Dog Robot - either with individual functions or macros running pre-programmed command sequences.

Mad Dog Robot functions:

  1. mechanical jaw opens / closes, and tightly holds the ruler,
  2. simulated neck rapidly tilts ruler clockwise / counterclockwise about 45 degrees from horizontal, and finally
  3. a powered platform moves robot forward / backward to pickup and replace the ruler.

Main components:

  • Harbor Freight cordless electric drill motors (2),
  • automotive wiper motor,
  • Picaxe 18 M2 microcontroller,
  • wood and metal components made from stuff available at hardware or home improvement stores.

Part cost is approximately $125. Labor cost only $2 assuming I pay myself 5 cents an hour.

Construction requires basic circuit building and wood and metal-working know how – mostly drilling and sawing – no welding or machining required.

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