Mr. Magoo, the Robot


My first Picaxe robot, and first use of a Picaxe chip. A very long time ago, I used to make things like this with a Motorola 6800, this is way different, and in most ways, easier. I like the fact that this single chip, the 20M2, has everything built into it that I need to do this. In fact, the 4X5 boards I used for the older projects could not fit it all with the technology of that time. That little board with the 20M2 on it replaces at least 2 of them. You will probably see more projects in the future on your blogs. I am thinking of making an engraver that can make rubber stamps and circuit boards, with the Picaxe controlling it all. For that, I will probably need a way for it to read bitmap files from a USB flash drive. I'm sure you learn something new every time you do another project.
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