My (simpler) Shield


My version of the Shield!

Using a 20M2 or X2, this is a little more basic! but easier for beginners to understand, it does'ent have the port pins scattered to the 4 winds.

In fact their nicely laid out in two rows on 8 pin headers or sockets. the two 6 pin headers catering for power and any other signals that the setup might produce (depends on application).

It's the same size as the AXE401, the idea is the same to add what ever you want by stacking boards on top (or even below for that matter). Unlike the AXE401 a DS1307 RTC is included with battery back up, as many user seem to find this a usefu additionl, also an 8 pin EEprom is on board, running on the i2c bus.

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