Philip Harris Barometer Sensor Programming Exercise in PicAxe


The student’s assignment is to write a program to read the Blue Box output voltage as an analog input of the PicAxe microprocessor 08M2 at the pin C.1, convert that voltage to barometric pressure and continuously update the result on the OLED. The OLED display must include the word “Barometric” centered on the first line and the second line must display the current value of barometric pressure, with units. The Blue Box output voltage ranges from 0 to +1.0 V, corresponding to a barometric pressure from 950 millibar to 1050 millibar. Also, the assignment requires that the display must periodically alternate between the two units, “milliBar” and “inch Hg”, and set the timing between the two displays to an aesthetically pleasing value, say, about 10 seconds.
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