PICAXE Based Logic IC Tester


As a follow on from my recent 14M based Logic probe I have now started work on a PICAXE based Digital/Logic IC Tester using a 28X2.

Inspiration came from the bundle of 74HCxxx TTL and a few 4xxx series logic IC's I have many form a recent fire-sale buy at Dick Smith.

At the moment, the program is restricted to testing the basic NAND, NOR, AND, OR, XOR, etc gates in 2, 3,4 and 8 input formats, for 74HCxxx chips but as the code occupies just under 2 kBytes in a chip (28X2) with 4 x 4 kBytes slots there is plenty of room for program expansion.

One area I will shortly change is from the 16x2 LCD (currently using an AXE033) to a 24x2 LCD module which will allow presentation of more details.

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