Picaxe Five processor LED Clock with sound


Submitted by: Casace Project Website: N/A


Picaxe …. Five Processor LED Clock with sound and electronic pendulum.

Picaxe Microprocessor controlled LED Clock using (4) 40 x 2 and 1 18M2 Chips.

Sound on the quarter and full hours.
LED pendulum cycles seconds and flashes during Operation.
Piezo Transducers are used for the sound.
Seconds to minutes to hours is pulse controlled between chips using transistor switching.
The second chip controls timing.
Darlington transistors control the pendulum Led’s.

This is my first Picaxe project, and with the great help I received from the Picaxe forums made this project a success.

I learned multiplexing of Led’s and using sound was an interesting experience. The clock plays my version of Star Wars on the hour and selected notes on the quarter hours.

My attempt at Picaxe programming required some learning and writing the time setting code was my biggest challenge.

I started the project in December 2011. I also was able to use my woodworking skills to complete the clock. This may be the most overbuilt clock and I’m sure there may be a better way, but it’s my homemade project and it works…

See the video on You Tube … Charlie

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