PICAXE Washing Machine


Submitted by: J123 Project Website: N/A


This project was focused around creating a realistic washing machine with speed control. Once switched on the user can select from three speed settings, each using PWM to achieve the set speeds as well as acceleration and deceleration to protect the motor. During each cycle the drum will spin both ways until finally reaching an end with an indication using both an LED and a buzzer. A smart error system is also included incase of emergencies such as the door being opened mid cycle or the motor’s temperature becoming too high, the master switch can also shutdown the device at any point. All in all, this makes for a realistic machine. The model uses the 28X1 and can be seen in the photo included, this particular one is from my school. This is the first project I’ve uploaded, but I have been checking out some of the other projects for a while and I have to say that I draw great inspiration from all of them. Thank you for reading and keep uploading everyone!
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