Rocker-Bogie Rover


Rocker-Bogie Rover is a radio frequency controlled robot, that uses the famous Rocker-bogie suspension system developed by JPL NASA for exploration rovers (like sojourner).

The main board is based on a picaxe 28x2 and a 08m2. The main program runs into picaxe 28x2, and it calculates the rpm speed of the wheels (PWM) and the orientation of the servo as a function of parameters like: rpm speed and the instantaneous center of rotation. PWM values and the rotation directions are sent to the "driver board", while the servo orientation values are serially sent to the picaxe 08m2, that is used to control the servo orientation.

The driver board is used to drive the 6 motors with 3 L293D chip. The "receiver board" carries a RF 315Mhz Module and a picaxe 08m, that is connected to the 28x2 with a serial connection.

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