SnapAXE - using PICAXE with Snap Circuits and Brainbox


This project was created to add microprocessor support to the myriad of "SNAP" based systems used for teaching electronics. These snap circuit systems provide an easy way to connect a range of input switches and sensors and output to devices such as LEDs and buzzers. Adding a PICAXE micro takes things to the next level! Given the clever pin compatibility of the 08M2, 14M2 and 20M2 PICAXE chips, the one circuit board can cope with all three chip types; just choose the one that suits the complexity of the project. With the larger chips installed, board can have up to 6 input buttons and even support I2C devices. Input signals can be sent back to the PC via the download cable. The project board is compatible with the 3x2 snap layout and has compatible 'snaps' for connections. Programming is with the ProgramEditor, KodeKLIX (which has been updated with a special database to support it), or a FlowChart program (like Logicator). The download port is a special 4pin version, allowing power to be supplied from the USB port instead of batteries during code development.
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