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Introduction ========= This is the blueprint for a fantastic game adventure which bases on a BOT120 PICAXE-20X2 MICROBOT. What is World-of-P-Play? =================== WoPP is not one game. It is like a galaxy of uncountable suns full of game joy, planets of fantasy and moons of adventures. WoPP`s core element is not PICAXE with a BOT120. It is my game inspiration. WoPP is not a high end 3-D animation. It is playing in reality forgetting dimensions of time and space. Wopp is not a game for one hour. It lasts forever - unless my store's 1,5 V battery stock is running out. List of material to play Do you have a BOT120, an USB download cable and a PC. Good! Do you speck WoPP language? No? Please learn: - BOT120, standard kit: dragon - line tracker: dragon's muzzle - green LEDs: dragon's eyes - playing cards, 5 with positive events: Hobbit cards / Sam, Frodo, etc. These cards have a logo and barcode - playing cards, 5 with negative events: Orc cards. These cards have a logo and barcode, too. - playing cards, 5 for places. They have an illustration and a long black band: Auenland etc - Black spot: Mordor - Ring: Ring, the one and only How to play? ========== Modor is placed in the middle of middle earth, the table. Mission is that Frodo destroys the ring in Mordor. Therefore Frodo has to ride the dragon and direct him with the ring to Mordor. This play version is designed for two players fighting against the bad guys. Mission is fulfilled successfully if the ring is destroyed. Mission is lost if the dragon leafs middle earth / falls off the table. The ring is placed on the dragon. Playing cards are put on a pack of cards. A player puts one card of the pack and performs one of the following actions: - Collect the card for later action and ride the dragon: Press the Push Button Switch once, twice or three times. By pressing one time the dragon walks some steps forward; two times he walks backward and left; three times he walks backward and right. Try to get nearer to Mordor. - Feed the dragon with an Orc: Negative cards must be placed to draagon’s muzzle. The dragon will fly a longer distance. Be aware that the dragon does not leave middle earth. You can stop the dragon if you possess a place playing card: Place this card at draagon’s muzzle. - Use a Hobbit card by placing it before the dragon. Press the Push Button Switch once; the dragon will read the barcode. After that you can ride the dragon precisely by using the Push Button Switch. Used cards are put under the pack of cards. The next player starts his action. The ring is destroyed if the dragon reaches Mordor. The line traces registers the big black spot there. Than the mission is finished successfully. You will hear the fanfare / piezo sounder. Have a lot of fun with programming the dragon and playing WoPP!
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