PICAXE Compilers

  • Windows Compatible
  • Mac Compatible
  • Linux Compatible
  • Not Chrome Compatible
  • Not iOS Compatible
  • Not Android Compatible

Product Details

The PICAXE command line compilers/downloaders are available for integration into your own software application.

The compilers, which are available for Windows, Mac and Linux, are console applications that both compile and download your BASIC text file.

Full integration instructions are available in the PDF instructions on the Downloads tab.


Command line compiler introduction and explanation PDF Instructions
Windows Compilers (v3.1) Windows Compilers
Linux Compilers (v3.1)
Linux Installation
Linux Compilers
(Obsolete) Mac Intel Compilers (32bit v3.1) Mac Intel 32bit Compilers
(Obsolete) Mac Intel Compilers (64bit v4.0 beta) (for beta testing only) Mac Intel 64bit Compilers
(Obsolete) Mac PowerPC Compilers (v2.1)
Please note Mac PPC is no longer supported or updated
Mac PPC Compilers
Kate Integration (Linux KDE) PDF Kate Instructions
Example use of compilers in VB.net VB.net Example
Example use of compilers in VB6 VB6 Example

Revision History

v3.1 - All Modified some warnings for clearer help messages within PE6 v2.8 - X1 Added portA (A.0 etc.) pin definitions for use with readadc commands v2.7 - 18M2 Fixed 18M2 issue with #no_data on long files - M2 Increased accuracy of memory useage reporting on M2 parts - All Added warning msg if 7 bit (bit0 set) address within hi2csetup command v2.6 - 20X2 Restored support for Lego NXT sensors - All Fixed programming issue when putty had previously been used on the same COM port v2.5 - All Optimised stdout/stderr messages for PE6 output window - All Amended directives for compatibility with PICAXE PreProcessor - All Added 'tab' as predefined constant (value 9) - All Improved #PICAXE directive parsing - All Added support of underscore chip type definition (e.g. #ifdef _20X2) - M2 Added #slot to allow second program slot on 14M2, 18M2+, 20M2 parts - M2 Added run command to 14M2, 18M2+, 20M2 parts - X2 Added push, pop, pushram, popram commands to X2 parts - All Removed the limit of 20 nested endifs - X2 Corrected incorrect 'inputtype' error message - M2 Added 'hpwmduty' command - M2 X2 Corrected use of @bptrinc, @bptrdec within 'swap', 'select' etc. commands - X2 Corrected use of @ptrinc, @ptrdec within 'swap', 'select' etc. commands - M2 X2 bptr now recognised as a word variable within peek, poke, read, write etc. - X2 ptr now recognised as a word variable within peek, poke, read, write etc. - 20M2 Corrected serin pin getting incorrectly pulled up within 'pullup all' command - X1 X2 Corrected some of the bXXXX_20 baud rate constants - M2 X2 Added bXXXX baud rate constants for 50, 10400 (OBD2) and 31250 (MIDI) baud rates - 20X2 Added warning for hi2c master mode using address of 0,1,2 (as silicon does not support those) - M2 Corrected high/low temp range bits for 'readinternaltemp' command - All Added option of using 'downto' for decrementing for...next statements - M2 X2 Optimised 'ultra' command so now works with M2 multitasking v2.4 - M2 X2 Added 'ultra' command for ease of use of SRF005 ultrasonic sensor - M2 Added missing NAND and NOR operators - M2 Added missing outpinB.PIN, outpinC.PIN definitions - All Added write/read/peek/poke support for WORD option with the s_W? variables - All Removed the limit of 100 Cases within a single Select..EndSelect v2.3 - All Minor version numbering updates v2.2 - 18M2 Added 18M2+ support - All Added _\n (whitespace-underscore-newline) as line continuation for splitting long lines - 18M2 Amended 'servopos pin, off' command for 18M2 to support older 18M2 firmware versions - M2 Corrected issue with calibfreq command on negative values for M2 parts - All Fixed simulation issue parsing some characters such as "¯" within a string v2.1 - All Added/updated 'servo pin, off' command - 18M2 Corrected issue with do...loop in high memory position - 18M2 Corrected issue with pullup x,B command - 18M2 Updated 18M2 compiler memory allocation - All Aligned Programming Editor and AXEpad #ifdef behaviour - M2 X2 'bcdtoascii/bintoascii' now support special word variables such as time - M2 X2 'select case' was not rejecting @ptrinc/dec @bptrinc/dec when they were used as the variable v2.0 - All parts Improved new program download reliability for Mac computers - All parts Added/updated 'servo pin, off' command - All parts Added/updated 'servopos pin, off' command - M2 parts Added 'pause_int' command for M2 part fix of 'pause within interrupt within multi-task' not working v1.x (archived)

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