AXE027 Windows Gadget

  • Windows Compatible
  • Not Mac Compatible
  • Not Linux Compatible
  • Not Chrome Compatible
  • Not iOS Compatible
  • Not Android Compatible

Product Details

Are you forever forgetting which virtual COM port number has been allocated to your AXE027 cable, or simply forgetting to plug the cable in to start with?! Then this free Windows Vista and Windows 7 Gadget is for you!

To install the gadget simply double-click on the downloaded file, and then the Windows gadget system will add a small discrete PICAXE logo to your desktop screen. Within the logo you will see either an 'AXE027 not found' or 'AXE027 on COMx' message, which is automatically updated when the cable is inserted or removed.

A secondary feature of the gadget is that by clicking anywhere on the PICAXE logo you can automatically launch this website.

Simple, free and very useful!



AXE027 Monitor Gadget for Windows Vista and Windows 7 Gadget Download

Revision History

1.0.0 First release.

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