What is PICAXE?

Identifying your PICAXE chip

PICAXE Chip Labels

PICAXE-14M2The name engraved on the top of the PICAXE chip tells you which type of chip it is. You can also do a 'firmware check' within the PICAXE software to identify the type and version of chip connected.

The M2 series chips are engraved with the full PICAXE name**, whilst other parts are simply marked with the base Microchip 'PIC' name. See the table below for the names engraved on the current PICAXE parts.

** M2 surface mount parts (and in times of supply shortages, DIP parts) may also be supplied marked with just the standard base Microchip 'PIC' name.


Please click here for older superseded parts.


The ‘advanced technical’ datasheet link below is for those users who want to know the advanced operating characteristics of the base PIC microcontroller. This information is not required for normal PICAXE use - see the PICAXE manuals instead.

PICAXE Chip Type Label on Chip (DIP) Label on Chip (SM) Advanced Technical Details
or 12F1840
12F1840 Microchip Datasheet
or PIC16F1825
PIC16F1825 Microchip Datasheet
or PIC16F1847
PIC16F1847 Microchip Datasheet
or PIC16F1829
PIC16F1829 Microchip Datasheet
PICAXE-20X2 PIC18F14K22 PIC18F14K22 Microchip Datasheet
PICAXE-28X2 PIC18F25K22 PIC18F25K22 Microchip Datasheet
PICAXE-40X2 PIC18F45K22 PIC18F45K22 Microchip Datasheet