Disconnect the PICAXE so that it does not scan for new downloads.

The PICAXE chips constantly scan the serial download pin to see if a computer is trying to initialise a new program download. However when it is desired to use the download pin as a general purpose input (or for user serial communication with the serrxd command), it is necessary to disable this scanning.Therefore the disconnect command 'converts' the serial download pin into a general purpose input.

Note that the serrxd command automatically includes an embedded disconnect command. After disconnect is used it will not be possible to download a new program via normal methods, as the PICAXE chip is no longer scanning the download pin. The following download methods must therefore be used:

1) the reconnect command is issued to cancel out the disconnect

2) a reset command is issued to restart the program

3) a hardware reset is carried out (e.g. by disconnecting and then reconnecting power)

Remember that is always possible to carry out a new download by carrying out the hard-reset procedure.

Applies To:
All M2, X1 and X2 parts
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Disconnect command

Use of C.5 (serial download pin) on a PICAXE-08M2 as a general purpose input.

Code Example:
	pause 1000	; startup delay
	disconnect	; prevent new download scanning
	if pinC.5 = 1 then
	   high C.1
	   low C.1
	end if
	goto main
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