Reconnect a disconnected PICAXE so that it scans for new downloads.

The PICAXE chips constantly scan the serial download pin to see if a computer is trying to initialise a new program download. However when it is desired to use the download pin for user serial communication (serrxd command), it is necessary to disable this scanning. After disconnect is used it will not be possible to download a new program until:

1) the reconnect command is issued.

2) a reset command is issued.

3) a hardware reset is carried out.

Remember that it is always possible to carry out a new download by carrying out the hard-reset procedure.

Applies To:
All (except 08, 08M, 18, 18A, 18X, 28, 28A, 28X, 40X)
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Use of reconnect

This program disconnects download detection to enable the program to read data in on the download serial input pin. During this time new program downloads will not be accepted. Once the data has been read the download detection is reactivated with the 'reconnect' command and subsequent downloads will be accepted.

Code Example:
	serrxd [1000, timeout],@ptrinc,@ptrinc,@ptr
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