IROUT pin,device,data

Pin - is a variable/constant which specifies the i/o pin to use.

Device - is a constant/variable (valid device ID 1-31)

Data - is a constant/variable (valid data 0-127)


Transmit an infra-red signal, modulated at 40kHz on any output pin.  

This command is used to transmit the infra-red data to Sony™ device (can also be used to transmit data to another PICAXE that is using the irin, infrain or infrain2 command). Data is transmitted via an infra-red LED using the SIRC (Sony Infra Red Control) protocol. device - 5 bit device ID (0-31) data - 7 bit data (0-127) When using this command to transmit data to another PICAXE the device ID used must be value 1 (TV). The irout command can be used to transmit any of the valid TV command 0-127. Note that the Sony protocol only uses 7 bits for data, and so data of value 128 to 255 is not valid. Therefore the valid infraout command for use with irin is irout 1,1,x ; (where x = 0 to 127)

Sony SIRC protocol

The SIRC protocol uses a 40KHz modulated infra-red signal consisting of a start bit (2.4ms) followed by 12 data bits (7 data bits and 5 device ID bits). Logic level 1 is transmitted as a 1.2 ms pulse, logic 0 as a 0.6ms pulse. Each bit is separated by a 0.6ms silence period. For more information about the protocol see the infraout command description.

Effect of Increased Clock Speed:

This command will automatically use the internal 4MHz resonator for correct operation.

TVR010 TV Remote Control irout command irin variable data value
1 irout pin,1,0 0
2 irout pin,1,1 1
3 irout pin,1,2 2
4 irout pin,1,3 3
5 irout pin,1,4 4
6 irout pin,1,5 5
7 irout pin,1,6 6
8 irout pin,1,7 7
9 irout pin,1,8 8
P+ irout pin,1,16 16
0 irout pin,1,9 9
V+ irout pin,1,18 18
P- irout pin,1,17 17
10+ irout pin,1,12 12
V- irout pin,1,19 19
MUTE irout pin,1,20 20
PWR irout pin,1,21 21
Applies To:
08M2, 14M2, 18M2, 20M2, 20X2, 28X1, 28X2, 40X1, 40X2
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Send an IR remote control

Send an IR remote control command to push button "5" for a TV via an IR LED on output B.1

Code Example:
	for b1 = 1 to 10
	  irout B.1,1,5
	  pause 45
	next b1
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