Infra-red LED

An infra-red LED is just like any other LED except the light it puts out falls in the infra-red rather than the visible region of the light spectrum and cannot therefore be seen by the human eye.

Infra-red LEDs are used in TV-style remote controls and their signals are received by infra-red receiver chips.

Infra-red LEDs can also be controlled by a PICAXE using the irout command and can be used to control TV and other equipment and be used to communicate between PICAXE.

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Send an infra-red command

This command will send an infra-red command which will make a Sony TV change channel (code 16, P+) once every five seconds. The infra-red LED should be connected to output pin B.1. The command is sent 10 times to ensure the TV has received and recognises the code as a hand-held TV remote normally does.

Code Example:
main:	for b0 = 1 to 10	; Send the command 10 times ...
	  irout B.1, 1, 16      ;   Send the command
	  pause 45		;   Pause after each command sent
	next b0
	pause 5000		; Wait five seconds
	goto main		; Repeat
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An infra-red LED may be used via the IR LED module.

Bill of Materials

Infra-red LED (3mm) LED023 1 Buy Now
Infra-red LED (5mm) LED021 1 Buy Now
330 ohm resistor (pack 100) RES330R 1 Buy Now


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