Do not download EEPROM data (only active on parts where program and data are separate).

Applies To:
All (except 08, 08M, 08M2, 14M, 18, 18M, 20M)
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    Using #no_data

    Without the #no_data directive the EEPROM will be pre-loaded with 1, 2 and 3 whenever the program is downloaded. Immediately after every download the debug command will show b0=0, b1=1 and b2=2. With the #no_data directive included the EEPROM will not be pre-loaded and the debug will show the values within EEPROM before the download; b0=10, b1=11 and b2=12.

    Code Example:
    data 0, ( 0, 1, 2 )
    read 0, b0
    read 1, b1
    read 2, b2
    write 0, 10
    write 1, 11
    write 2, 12
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