Ultrasonic SRF05

The SRF005 sensor is an ultrasonic distance measuring module which requires either one PICAXE I/O line or an input plus output line to use. The SRF005 sensor produces a pulse of varying length which corresponds to the distance between itself and a detected object or obstacle when it is instructed to do so. The sensor can detect objects with 3cm to 3m range.

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Read distance via SRF005 sensor in single-pin mode

This program demonstrates single-pin mode, using a single line to control trigger and read the echo pulse

Code Example:
symbol trig = C.1 			; Define pin for Trigger & Echo (All M2, X2 parts)
symbol range = w1 			; 16 bit word variable for range

main:	pulsout trig,2 			; produce 20uS trigger pulse (must be minimum of 10uS)
	pulsin trig,1,range 		; measures the range in 10uS steps
	pause 20			; recharge period after ranging completes

	; now convert range to cm (divide by 5.8) or inches (divide by 14.8)
	; as picaxe cannot use 5.8, multiply by 10 then divide by 58 instead

	let range = range * 10 / 58	; multiply by 10 then divide by 58
	debug range			; display range via debug command
	goto main			; and around forever

	; Note that X2 parts operate at 8MHz instead of 4MHz and so modify the calculation
	; let range = range * 10 / 58 / 2 ; multiply by 10 then divide by 58 then divide by 2
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Create Module

The SRF005 ultrasonic sensor is connected to the SRF005 adapter PCB, which then connects via a 3 way cable to the servo create module. This allows the SRF005 to be moved whilst it is still connected to the create motherboard.

Bill of Materials

Ultrasonic Range Finder SRF005 1 Buy Now
5-pin 0.1" r/a header socket CON043 1 Buy Now


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