PULSIN pin, state, wordvariable

Pin - is a variable/constant which specifies the i/o pin to use.

State - is a variable/constant (0 or 1) which specifies which edge must occur before beginning the measurement in 10us units (at 4MHz resonator).

Wordvariable - receives the result (1-65535). If timeout occurs (0.65536s at 4MHz) the result will be 0.


Measure the length of an input pulse.

The pulsin command makes a pin an input and then measures the length of a pulse on that pin. If no pulse occurs in the timeout period, the result will be 0. If state = 1 then a low to high transition starts the timing, if state = 0 a high to low transition starts the timing. Use the count command to count the number of pulses with a specified time period.

It is normal to use a word variable with this command.

Effect of Increased Clock Speed:

4MHz 10us unit 0.65536s timeout
8MHz 5us unit 0.32768s timeout
16MHz 2.5us unit 0.16384s timeout
32MHz 1.25us unit 0.08192s timeout
64MHz 0.625us unit 0.04096s timeout
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Meaure the length of a pulse

Measure the length of a pulse on C.3 and report its length

Code Example:
main:	pulsin C.3,1,w1		; record the length of a pulse on C.3 into w1
	debug			; report the result
	goto main		; and repeat
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