PICAXE 3.5mm Download Socket

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Stereo 3.5mm jack socket as used with PICAXE cable AXE026 or AXE027 for PICAXE programming.

Click here for the PICAXE serial download circuit. Note that the each of the 'pairs' of pins (marked b and c in the diagram) must always be joined together as shown.

Use with breadboards

Please note that this jack socket, in common with most others, may not work well when plugged directly into a breadboard. The standard pin shape is generally not a tight or good enough fit to make reliable contact with the breadboard which may cause problems when downloading or communicating through the jack socket.

We recommend the AXE029 Breadboard Cable Adapter when building a PICAXE circcuit download interface on breadboard.


Pack size 15x10x5mm
Pack weight 1g


PICAXE 3.5mm Download Socket Datasheet PDF Datasheet
PICAXE Serial Download Circuit Circuit


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