HALT motor

Motor - is the motor name A or B.


Make a motor output stop. This is a 'pseudo' command designed for use by younger students with pre-assembled classroom models. It is actually equivalent to 'low 4 : low 5' (motor A) or 'low 6: low 7' (motor B).

This command is not normally used outside the classroom.

Applies To:
All (except 08, 08M, 08M2)
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Motor Control

Demonstrate moving a motor forward, backwards and stopping.

Code Example:
main:	forward A	; motor A on forwards
	wait 5		; wait 5 seconds
	backward A	; motor A on backwards
	wait 5		; wait 5 seconds
	halt A		; motor A reverse
	wait 5		; wait 5 seconds
	goto main	; loop back to start
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