DC Motor

A DC motor rotates when a current is passed through it. When current flows one way the spindle will turn in one direction, when the current is reversed the spindle will also rotate in the reverse direction.

A DC Motor may be controlled to be stationary or rotate in a single direction by simply switching the current off and on using a transistor or FET or may be controlled to rotate in either direction by a H-Bridge motor driver such as the L293D.

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Create Module

The speed and direction of a DC motor may be controlled via the L293D motor driver create module. The BOT120 microbot also has two motors on it's motherboard.

Bill of Materials

Motor - MM10 (1.5V-3.0V) GBX001 1 Buy Now
Motor - MM12 (1.5V-3.0V) GBX002 1 Buy Now
Motor - MM18 (1.5V-4.5V) GBX003 1 Buy Now
Motor - MM24 - High Torgue (3V-6V) GBX004 1 Buy Now
Motor - MM54 - High Torgue (6V-12V) GBX006 1 Buy Now
Motor - Solar (1.5V-6.0V) GBX007 1 Buy Now
L293D motor driver ICO030 1 Buy Now
16-pin 0.3" DIP IC Socket ICH016 1 Buy Now
100nF Miniature Polyester Capacitor CAP001 1 Buy Now


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