PICAXE Programming Editor 5

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Product Details

PICAXE Programming Editor 5 (PE5) is obsolete and no longer developed.

Please see the new up to date version (PE6) here: PICAXE Editor 6


PICAXE Programming Editor 5 is the completely free software application for developing and simulating PICAXE BASIC language programs under Windows (see AXEpad for Linux and Mac).

The Programming Editor 5 supports all PICAXE chips and has a full suite of code development features such as:

  • source code colour syntax highlighting
  • auto indentation
  • syntax check and program download
  • code explorer to shown variable, label and constant values
  • full on screen simulation with animated chips and line by line code highlighting
  • simulation breakpoints by line number and variable value
  • debug and serial terminal windows
  • AXE027 download cable testing and port identification tools
  • various testing tools such as the analogue calibration wizard
  • various code generation wizards (pwmout, tune etc.)

The Programming Editor 5 can be used for school, private or commercial projects without charge. It may also be installed on school networks without any license agreement paperwork.



Programming Editor Installer (Version 5.5.5 - approx 18MB)
(for Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7, 8)
Prog. Editor Installer
Patch (v5.5.5 to v5.5.6) Patch File Zip
PICAXE PDF Printer Add-on (approx 8MB) PDF Printer Installer
RTTTL Ringtones RTTTL Ringtones
Microsoft ATL Security Runtime Update
(Install this update if you get a runtime error 339 or 7 at startup)
vcredist_x86.exe Download
School network administrators can download this zip of an uncompressed MSI (22MB) MSI uncompressed zip

Revision History

Current Version: 5.5.6 PE5 is no longer developed - please use PE6 instead. 5.5.6 Fixed newline typo in Datalogger wizard Flowchart 28X2 mode now calibrates 'ultra' distance correctly Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - w26 hex value now displays correctly when value > 255 - fixed issue with nested do loops - bintobcd and bcdtobin when used with word values now operate correctly 5.5.5 Flowchart 20X2/28X2 BASIC conversion fixes Added Quick Support menus 5.5.4 Flowchart 20X2/28X2 mode now programs directly without BASIC conversion Flowchart 20X2/28X2 tune import improved 5.5.3 Wizards will now hide simulation panels if currently displayed Flowchart 28X2 mode now simulates in 28X1 legacy mode Flowchart X2 conversion of input pin symbols changed to pinC.X style notation Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - @ptrinc now works correctly with hspiout command - M2 parts bptr now supports 512 bytes - for...next step operation matches real chip on termination at 254 5.5.2 Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - some pwmout pins not displaying square wave image on M2/X2 parts - flowchart simulation of toggle command changed wrong pin 5.5.1 Added 'Continue anyway?' option on start of duplicate instance Updated to version 2.4 compiler - M2 X2 Added 'ultra' command for ease of use of SRF005 ultrasonic sensor - M2 Added missing NAND and NOR operators - M2 Added missing outpinB.PIN, outpinC.PIN definitions - All Added write/read/peek/poke support for WORD option with the s_W? variables - All Removed the limit of 100 Cases within a single Select..EndSelect Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - resume/suspend/restart on 08M2 now supports all 4 tasks 5.5.0 Added 18M2+ support Updated help files Serial Terminal now uses fixed width font Added 'copy for forum' menu (adds [code] tags to copied text) Updated compilers to v2.2 Added _\n (whitespace-underscore-newline) as line continuation for splitting long lines Corrected issue with calibfreq command on negative values for M2 parts Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - 08M display of pins variable corrected - 20M2 display of pwmout pins corrected - fixed differences reading day of week with DS1307 i2c simulation - fixed 08M2 simulation of write command - fixed issue parsing some characters such as "¯" within a string 5.4.3 Beta 18M2+ support Updated compilers to latest version Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - high value multiplications were not simulating correctly - clicking serrxd (as input) without a previous disconnect on M2 parts now causes reset - large hex values were causing memory panel to close in M2 modes - use of irin on M2 parts gave unknown variable error msg 5.4.2 Updated CGRAM Wizard to support AXE133 and OLED displays Updated compilers to latest version Corrected operation of servo pin,off and servopos pin,off across all parts Added pause_int command for M2 parts (for use for pause within an interrupt within a multi-task program) Software now defaults to online hardware .pdf datasheet files to reduce overall installation download size 5.4.1 Updated 18M2 compilers to support '#picaxe 18m2_c' directive for 2.C version 18M2 chips 5.4.0 Added PICAXE-08M2, 14M2, 20M2 support Updated manuals for new M2 parts Updated X2 compilers to support 'pwmout pwmdivX , pin' 18M2 compiler has 'hi2csetup off' corrected 18M2 compiler has sleep, nap, end versus time conflict resolved 18X compiler has hi2cmaster command parameter format corrected Compilers no longer crash on extremely long programs Time & date panels in status bar made larger Added Czech language support Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - play/tune on output 3 no longer incorrectly change status of output0/4 - hint0 on 28X2 now sets flag correctly - sleep 0 on 28X2 can be woken by hardware interrupt 5.3.6 Added beta PICAXE-14M2 and 20M2 support Added missing FVR constants to 28X2 compiler Corrected 'S.2' pin notation in 28X2 compiler Corrected symbol definitions not working for some X2 ADC channels Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - swap not always swapping high byte of word variables - X2 ADC channels not simulating correctly if PORT.PIN notation was used instead of channel number 5.3.5 Added AXE401 PICAXE-28X2 Shield Base simulation option with #sim shield (Simulate>Simulation Panels>Product Sims) Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - corrected an issue where 'simulate LCD display' could sometimes be triggered via the sertxd command 5.3.4 Fixed issue with direct download of flowchart when using M2/X2 parts with portB as outputs (e.g. when using motor direction) 5.3.3 Fixed issue with 'debug' screen only displaying the lower byte of the 'time' word variable Fixed 5.3.2 issue with out of range values within pwmout wizard Updated installer to latest versions of manuals Flowchart conversion now uses correct PORT.PIN format for X2 part input decisions Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - sleep is no longer shortened by a software interrupt - tmr3setup can now be used with updated 28X2 configuration - updated readsilicon and readfirmware onscreen simulation values to current release - updated infra display for various PICAXE types 5.3.2 Added 'Print to PDF' feature (requires PICAXE PDF Printer software to be installed) Print no longer prints line numbers if they are not currently displayed on screen Use of Print no longer stops application terminating correctly PWM wizard now works in 14M mode PWM wizard no longer reports wrong pwmout value on invalid settings 'Simulate>Reset Default Panel Position' now automatically closes any open panels to ensure correct reset of those panels Fixed issue with M2 compilers for peek/poke of word variables Fixed issue with M2 compilers for peek/poke with multiple variables Fixed issue with X2 compilers for multiple poke including address $7F and $FF Updated X2 compilers to support new functions of the updated 28X2/40X2 part Updated 20X2 flowchart mode to support BOT120 microbot with the ultra, infra and speed cells Updated flowchart mode to support single task flowchart simulation of M2 parts (for multi task programs use Logicator) Updated flowchart to BASIc conversion to support M2 parts in traditional layout M2 compilers now converts old style 'pins' variable name to 'pinsB' or 'pinsC' as most appropriate AXE110 datalogger wizard is now compatible with 18M2 as well as 18X Added i2c word mode warning to 18M2 compiler for old firmware Added additonal ADC and touch simulation etc. for updated 28X2/40X2 part Generic and ADC simulation panel controls for M2/X2 parts now have additional 'larger step' buttons for easier simulation Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - calibfreq with negative number now simulates correctly - some 18M2 peek values were not reading correctly - writing to @bptr was not updating bX variables correctly - timeout simulation of serrxd command now simulates correctly - 18M2 infraout and infrain2 simulation fixed - pulsout on output 0 now flashes LED 5.3.1 Added information screen if 'runtime-error 339' occurs after installation Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - rev command now simulates correctly 5.3.0 Added PICAXE-18M2 support Updated manuals to support M2 parts Serial port selection now states which port AXE027 is currently installed on for ease of use Serial port selection now also lists installed, but unconnected, USB cables like the AXE027 Older part compilers now support port.pin labels on their predefined inputs/outputs Compilers that support 'setint NOT' now also support 'setint AND' and 'setint OR' for ease of use Backslash \\ now supported for '\' character in strings X2 compilers now support option of port.pin (aswell as channel number) for readadc commands Updated X2 owin/owout compiler constants to match datasheet values Operators such as max and min now syntax colour code directly Recompiled Sourceview Control (srcvw4.dll) to fix Microsoft ATL Security* vunerability Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - sfr values are reset beween simulations - bits 5-7 of PortA are no longer shown in 28X2 mode display - keyin now works correctly in 18M mode - sin and cos values > 180 now simulate correctly - ncd command now simulates correctly 5.2.11 Corrected teminal baud rate operation for 76800 baud Added non-standard baud rates to terminal for 10/20/40MHz PICAXE operation (valid for AXE027 USB cable only) Corrected 5.2.10 issue with display of outputs in flowchart simulation mode. Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - read/write commands not simulating correctly in 18M mode - ptr variable display only showing lower byte value in 28X2 mode - serrxd timeout address now simulates correctly 5.2.10 Changed AQA assembler to use portA notation rather than portC to match AQA specification Added pwmdiv4, pwmdiv16 prescalar option for pwmout and hpwm commands Updated pwmout wizard to generate command using pwmdiv4/16 options Corrected flowchart mode simulation issue with 'let pins =' Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - some pullup commands not simulating - some owin/owout commands not simulating - some hi2cin/hi2cout commands not simulating - bit set/clear not working with elseif - elseif not working correctly with AND/OR - @ptrinc @ptrdec not working with values > 255 (28X2) - hpwm off not resetting pins correctly 5.2.9 Added USB cable scan and 'AXE027 COM port' auto-identifcation option via View>Options>Serial dialog (and optional upon startup) Added OCR/AQA assembler options on 28X1 chip (for UK 'A2' level exams) Changed PICAXE selection type to list and added Microchip PIC name information Fixed issue with manually changing variable values when simulating in flowchart mode Installer now removes multiple duplicate entries in Add/Remove Programs under Control Panel (reboot required) Added #no_end directive to all compilers Corrected error message warning in 14M compiler for old firmware 9.B serout issue Corrected issue with calibfreq command corrupting setfreq 32/64MHz speed in 20X2 compiler Added variable 'break on value' simulation feature (Simulation menu) Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - corrected error with division - hserout command on X2 parts was corrupting dirsC value - default X2 ADC simulation values upon startup are now correct - 20X2 no longer incorrectly uses pin B.2 as hint2 - X2 simulation of 'sleep 0' now enters permanent sleep - 14M and 28X1 simulation of additional portC pins corrected - sin/cos simulation of odd numbers now works correctly - comma can now be used within a string in the serin input dialog - settimer command no longer clears timer variable to match real life operation - if...then exit now simulates correctly - NOB unary command now simulates correctly 5.2.8 Beta tester release. 5.2.7 Updated and refreshed the Quick Syntax help feature Added 76800 baud rate to Terminal for 20X2 64MHz sertxd support (NB 76800 is not supported on all serial ports but is supported by the AXE027 cable) Added 31250 hserin/hserout baud rate to X2 compilers Adjusted analogue calibration wizard to disable invalid pins Corrected SPIFAST keyword value in X2 compilers Modified T1S_4 value from 49910 to 49911 in X2 compilers Added additional warnings into 20X2 compiler Corrected operation of PUT and GET commands for values greater than 255 in X2 compilers Corrected 14M firmware 9.B serout compiler error warning Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - some word values in calculations not rounding down correctly - B28 and B29 not simulating correctly for x2 parts - sin and cos simulation not rounding to match exact PICAXE values - 28X1 hserial pins on simulation panel not indicating status 5.2.6 Added hpwmout as pseudo for hpwm Added new setbit, clearbit, togglebit commands for X1 and X2 parts Added 'if var bit x set/clear then' commands for X1 and X2 parts Modified 'pullup' command on 20X2 compiler Added atan as extra unary command to 20X2 compiler Added atan simulation for X2 parts Added additional warning messages to X2 compilers Fixed compiler issue with ptr0 and ptr1 bit variables on X2 parts Improved error message when eeprom/program memory space conflict on M parts Improved # directive error reporting Fixed issue with saving extra blank line at end of text Fixed issue with parsing of binary #slot numbers followed by comment Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - hintflags trigger edge polarity not the same as real chips - next word values > 32768 not simulating correctly - let x = outpinsx on X2 parts not simulating correctly - some bit variable calculations not simulating correctly 5.2.5 Ameded debug/simulation variable name list to also show variable number Fixed issue with owin/owout in latest 28X1 compiler Fixed issue with calibadc in latest 28X1 compiler Added missing input/output definitions to 20M compiler Added extra baud rate symbols to X2 compilers Fixed poke word value to w27 in X2 compilers Updated assembler mode screen display options Fixed issue with Ring Tone Wizard importing some RTTTL files Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - hi2csetup not setting flags correctly for on-screen EEPROM emulation - adc simulated incorrectly in flowchart mode for 20M Updated Serial COM port over Ethernet system: - Improved installation procedure - Virtual COM port is now shown in Device Manager - Wizards at both end simplified - Improved reliability of TCP connection by changing to Telnet format - Added full Vista support and Vista signed drivers - (Note that if already using this feature you must stop old sec_service.exe service before upgrading) 5.2.4 Fixed issue with 28X2 'Clear Hardware Memory' clearing #slot1 not #slot0 Corrected 28X2 compiler issue with 'setint' if port not explicitly specified (now defaults to C) Using #picaxe 28x2 or 40x2 will now cause X2 simulation panel to display only appropriate i/o pins Updated X2 conversion wizard Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - keyin/kbin not simulating correctly - 28X2 pullup not simulating correctly - 28X2 'flags' variable not simulating correctly - 28X2 comparators not simulating correctly - 28X2 timer 3 not simulating correctly - 28X2 setint not simulating correctly - "&" not displaying correctly on simulated LCD screen 5.2.3 First supported release for 28X2, 40X2, 20X2 Added X2 Conversion Wizard Added support for #no_data and #no_table directives Added additional Code Explorer configuration options (View>Options>Explorer) Added simulation option to hide/show simulated serial output baud rate configuration messages Corrected 08M compiler issue with multiple pins on input/output/reverse commands Corrected 14M compiler issue with hpwm Corrected simulation issue of nested exit commands Updated compilers and manuals Toolbar run/stop button now obeys 'hide panels on simulation end' option Corrected issue with debug display if hardware reset whilst debug is running Filenames are no longer changed to upper case Adde File>Open Samples menu 5.2.2 Added support for 18M Updated manuals for 18M Corrected issue with simulation of REV operator Corrected issue with simulation of pwmout on 18X 'Code Explorer' added (refreshed after a compile), View>Options menu - displays symbol defined variable/constants and labels - double click on any entry to find next occurance of that word Toolbar icons updated to match AXEpad and Logicator PICAXE>Run menu renamed PICAXE>Program to avoid confusion with Simulation>Run Updated compilers Added ASCII lookup table to Help menu 5.2.1 Symbol defined variables and constants now colour code after a compile 'Jump to label' shortcut added to menu bar (refreshed after a compile) Font size option added to toolbar Updated operation to use universal (Windows/Mac/Linux) compilers Removed out-of-date (no longer maintained) 16 bit compilers Error messages shows approximate location of error when known Corrected print (filename after Save As) issue Corrected compiler inversion of enabledbod/disablebod on 28X1 Corrected issue with simulation of keyleds command Corrected issue with simulation of inv unary command Corrected issue with 20M firmware check description Terminal and datalink now always release serial port after closing Added 'infraout' command to flowchart mode. Updated manuals 1 and 2 to open at 100% view Enabled 28X2 mode for open beta testers 5.2.0 Added support for 20M Updated manuals for 20M Improved Print, Find and Replace operations when in Colour Syntax mode. Added 'Find Next' Edit menu option. Re-allocated F3 shortcut to 'Find Next' Improved bookmark operation and added shortcut keys Improved line number display on document toolbar to show line and column Added new servopos, pwmduty, hpwmduty commands Fixed comment colour coding of #rem and #endrem when used in upper case Corrected compiler issue with use of European accented characters in strings Amended compiler directive parsing operation for PICAXE VSM compatibility Corrected the following simulation issues: - 14M extra ADC (1-2-3) are now simulated via generic panel values - pulsin varies to 65535 not 4095 - scratchpad variables reset to 0 when program reset 5.1.7 Corrected 5.1.6 syntax error message issue. Corrected random command simulation issue 5.1.6 Corrected the following simulation issues: - 14M ADC pins - 28X1 variables 14-27 can now also be altered - corrected issue with AND/OR statements on portA inputs - corrected issues with some word and byte value rounding - corrected issues with word values >32000 5.1.5 Corrected 28X1 compiler memory issue with gosub table upon specific program size Corrected 28X1 issue with serrxd timeouts Added 28X1 pwmduty and hpwmduty helper commands Amended 28X1 'progam too long' error reporting Updated 14M firmware compiler error messages Corrected 28X1 peek/poke variable mapping simulation issue Corrected word variable simulation issue Corrected hi2in simulation issue 5.1.4 Added 'Count word' feature (Edit menu) Corrected 28X1 compiler feature to automatically workaround 28X1 firmware A.0 'outpins' issue Corrected 28X1 error message on program too long Corrected 28X1 flowchart forward/reverse/left/right commands Corrected 'Clear Hardware' issue on 18X Added play/tune/readdadc to flowchart menus for 14M/28X1 Corrected the following simulation issues: - 14M output5 not simulating - 28X1 pinsc/dirsc commands not simulating - mixed AND and/or OR commands in if commands - setint command not updated during interrupt - outpins not simulating correctly - long programs with multiple if commands not simulating correctly - negative step in for...next not simulating correctly 5.1.3 Amended 28X1 download issues 5.1.2 Added additional 28X1 / 14M simulation commands Corrected simulation issue with setint command Corrected issue with #PICAXE 14M directive Corrected 28X1 compiler issue with multiple poke commands Aded 28X1 compiler feature to automatically workaround 28X1 firmware A.0 'outpins' issue Corrected 14M 'Clear Hardware' issue Added error message if bitx used on 14M firmware 9.A Added more detailed 14M and 28X1 compiler error messages Added simulation panels reset default position 5.1.1 Corrected 14M debug display Corrected 14M hpwm compilation 28X1/40X1 use of outpins, outpin0 etc simulates and functions on firmware A.0 5.1.0 Enabled 28X1 and 14M compilers and simulation Enabled Com Port over TCP/IP feature Updated PICAXE manuals part 1 & 2 Corrected simulation issues with * and ** Corrected COM port left open on 'Clear Hardware' Added nested support for #ifdef/#endif etc Added error message if invalid EEPROM adddress specified 5.0.8 Added 'Syntax Check' toolbar button Added Calculator shortcut to View menu Added default header file option (View>Options>Editor) Added BINTOASCII and BCDTOASCII helper commands Enhanced Debug display window to support additional variables Added variable symbol naming to the Debug display Added new #terminal (display after download) directive (off, 2400, 4800, etc.) Added new #com serial port directive (1, 2, 3, etc.) Added new program #slot directive (1, 2) (28X2 only) Added 'outpins' option to let commands Added error mesage if enhanced command used when in original mode Added error messages when 'pin' variables used incorrectly in commands New installation now defaults to Extended Compiler Corrected simulation issues with word mathematics Corrected simulation issues with negative assignments Corrected simulation issues with multiple do...loop commands Corrected simulation issues with multiple if...endif commands Corrected minor 'let' command compiler issue Corrected flowchart BASIC conversion issue with 'stop' cell Corrected flowchart BASIC conversion issue with 'tune' cell 5.0.7 Added updated PICAXE manual (part 2) containing directives and new commands Corrected some issues with #gosubs and #freq directives Corrected upper/lower case issues with #ifdef and #ifndef 5.0.6 Corrected v5.0.5 compiler issue with 28X in 16 gosub mode. 5.0.5 Enhanced BASIC compiler supports these new commands: - if...then gosub - if...elseif...else...endif - select...case...else..endselect - do...loop (until / while) - on...goto - on...gosub - readoutputs - exit / if...then exit - inc / dec - high / low / toggle / input / output / reverse now support multiple outputs - read / write / peek / poke now support multiple and word variables BASIC compilers now support these directives: - #picaxe = #freq - #gosubs - #sim - #simspeed - #define / #undefine - #ifdef / #ifndef / #else / #endif - #error - #rem / #endrem Simulation - BASIc mode now supports full line-by-line simulation - BASIc program 'margin click' breakpoints enabled - Flowchart mode now supports enhanced pinout simulation panels - Flowchart and BASIc modes both support real-life project kit simulations - New simulation options panel (View>Options menu) Flowchart Mode - Direct programming of PICAXE chip now supported (without BASIC conversion) - 08M progam and simulations now support Tune command and ring tone imports - Enhanced pinout simulation panels - Real life project kits simulation - Enhanced click and drag editing Other changes - Added suport for AXE027 USB Download Cable - Added LOGIC Programming Mode - Block expanding and collapsing supported on { } symbols - 'Program too long' reports number of excess bytes - Enhanced compiler now compatible with Windows 64 bit version - Many additional error messages - pwmout calculation wizard - Updated Dacta AXE901 Viso Controlite Wizard - 'let var = cv' commands optimised

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