PICAXE Datasheet List



PICAXE Manual 1 Getting Started picaxe_manual1.pdf (English)
picaxe_manual1_fr.pdf (français)
PICAXE Manual 2 BASIC Commands picaxe_manual2.pdf (English)
picaxe_manual2_fr.pdf (français)
PICAXE Manual 3 Interfacing Circuits picaxe_manual3.pdf
PICAXE Manual 4 Using Flowcharts picaxe_manual4.pdf
PICAXE Manual 5 Blockly for PICAXE picaxe_manual5.pdf (English)
picaxe_manual5_fr.pdf (français)

Release Notes

PICAXE Editor 6 PE6 beta product briefing pe6.pdf
PICAXE-M2 M2 series product briefing picaxem2.pdf
PICAXE-X2 X2 series product briefing picaxex2.pdf


For datasheets of non-PICAXE electronic components (e.g. DS18B20 digital temperature sensor)
please see the component description in the PICAXE Store at www.picaxestore.com

AXE001 PICAXE-28 Starter Pack axe001.pdf
AXE002 PICAXE-18 Starter Pack axe002.pdf
AXE003 PICAXE-08 Starter Pack axe003.pdf
AXE004 PICAXE-14 Starter Pack axe004.pdf
AXE005 PICAXE-20 Starter Pack axe005.pdf
AXE020 28 pin Project Board axe020.pdf
AXE021 PICAXE-08 Proto Board axe021.pdf
AXE022 PICAXE-28/40 Proto Board axe022.pdf
AXE023 PICAXE-08 Motor Driver Board axe023.pdf
AXE024 PICAXE-08 Servo Driver (version 1) axe024.pdf
AXE024 PICAXE-08 Servo Driver (version 2) axe024v2.pdf
AXE027 PICAXE USB Cable (Windows 10/11) axe027_10.pdf
AXE027 PICAXE USB Cable (Older OS Versions) axe027.pdf
AXE029 Breadboard Adapter axe029.pdf
AXE030 Servo Upgrade Kit axe030.pdf
AXE031 21 Channel Servo Driver axe031.pdf
AXE033 Serial LCD/Clock Kit axe033.pdf
AXE034 Clock Upgrade axe033.pdf
AXE040 Infrared Upgrade Kit axe040.pdf
AXE049 PICAXE Tutorial Board axe049.pdf
AXE050 Tutorial Board axe050.pdf
AXE055 PICAXE T4 Trainer axe055.pdf
AXE056 PICAXE-18 Trainer Starter Pack axe056.pdf
AXE091 PICAXE Development Kit axe091.pdf
AXE092 PICAXE-08 Schools Experimenter axe092.pdf
AXE101 Cyberpet Project axe101.pdf
AXE102 Alarm Project axe102.pdf
AXE103 Safety Light project axe103.pdf
AXE105 Electronic Dice Project axe105.pdf
AXE106 'Simon Says' Project axe106.pdf
AXE107 Rudolph Reindeer Project axe107.pdf
AXE108 Rudolph Reindeer -Infra-Red Upgrade axe108.pdf
AXE109 iButton Lock Kit axe109.pdf
AXE110 PICAXE-18X Datalogger axe110.pdf
AXE110 i2c Tutorial axe110_i2c.pdf
AXE111 Datalogger Memory Expander axe111.pdf
AXE113 Digital Temperature Sensor Kit axe113.pdf
AXE114 Binary Clock Kit axe114.pdf
AXE117 PICAXE-14 Project Board axe117.pdf
AXE118 PICAXE-20 Project Board axe118.pdf
AXE119 iPod Kit axe119.pdf
AXE130 Simple PIC Kit axe130.pdf
AXE131 Serial OLED Driver axe131.pdf
AXE131K Serial OLED Kit (8x2) axe131.pdf
AXE132 Serial OLED Driver axe133.pdf
AXE133 Serial OLED Kit (16x2) axe133.pdf
AXE134 Serial OLED Kit (20x4) axe134.pdf
AXE135 Spacewriter Kit axe135.pdf
AXE136 Nursery Monitor Kit axe136.pdf
AXE171 PICAXE-14 Audio Project Kit axe171.pdf
AXE181 Touch Sensor Kit axe181.pdf
AXE201 PICAXE-28X2 Module axe201.pdf
AXE210 PICAXE Connect axe210.pdf
AXE210 XBee Tutorial axe210_xbee.pdf
AXE213 RF Connect Radio Boards axe213.pdf
AXE216 I2C Explorer Kit axe216.pdf
AXE230 PICAXE-08M Module axe230.pdf
AXE300 PICAXE-20M2 Grove Project Board axe300.pdf
AXE401 PICAXE-28X2 Shield Base axe401.pdf
AXE408 Instant Robot Shield axe408.pdf
BOT110 PICAXE Versabot bot110.pdf
BOT115 PICAXE Create Starter Pack bot115.pdf
BOT120 PICAXE-20X2 Microbot bot120.pdf
bot120_fr.pdf (français)
BOT121 Microbot Sensors bot121.pdf
BOT123 Microbot Servo Upgrade Pack bot123.pdf
BOT130 Caterpillar Bot bot130.pdf
CHI008 Keypad Lock Kit chi008.pdf
CHI030 18 pin project board chi030b.pdf
CHI035 18 pin high power project board chi035a.pdf
CHI040 PICAXE-08 Project Board chi040.pdf
FRM010 Serial LCD Firmware frm010.pdf
FRM015 Serial Printer Firmware frm015.pdf
FRM050 PWM Driver Firmware frm050.pdf
FPU001 uM-FPU Floating Point Co-Processor fpu001.pdf
GPS010 UBLOX MAX6 GPS Breakout Module gps010.pdf
KIT110 PICAXE micromouse kit110.pdf
KIT120 PICAXE oscillsocope kit120.pdf
LED042 Serial Graphic LCD (GLCD) Module led042.pdf
MOD020 Sweet RGB Colour Sorter mod020.pdf
MOD028 Technomusicology Kit mod028.pdf
NET001 PICAXE.net net001.pdf
OSC001 PCB scope osc001.pdf
RFA001 433MHz Radio Transmitter And Receiver Pair axe213.pdf
RFA020 ERF Radio Module rfa020.pdf
RFA021 URF Radio Module rfa021.pdf
SRF005 Ultrasonic Range Sensor srf005.pdf
STP018 PICAXE-182-ST Stamp Controller Upgrade stp018.pdf
SPE035 Serial MP3 Player Kit spe035.pdf
TVR010 Infra-red Remote Control tvr010a.pdf
USB030 VMusic2 USB MP3 Player usb030.pdf
USB031 VData2 USB Datalogger Module usb031.pdf
XBE010 XBee Connect Starter Kit xbe010.pdf
xxx Electronic Symbols & Parts symbols.pdf

Obsolete Products

AXE045 (see NXT Colour Sensor) Colour Sensor axe045.pdf
AXE104 Electronic Game Project axe104.pdf
AXE120 (see BOT120) Blue Micro-robot axe120.pdf
AXE200 (see AXE201) PICAXE-28X2 Module axe200.pdf
MOD001 (see BOT120) Buggy Kit mod001.pdf
SPE020 (see USB030) Compact Flash MP3 player spe020.pdf
SPE030 (obsolete) Speech Synthesizer spe030.pdf