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  • Model Railroad Activity Recorder

    Submitted by: dbodnar
    Model Railroad Activity Recorder

    When I was working on plans for the original PICAXE based train controller (see: ) I brainsto...

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  • Engineering a Victorian Robot

    Submitted by: editorglueitcom
    Engineering a Victorian Robot

    This is work in progress, but have got to the point where the robot moves, now need to add the sensors, battery holders and fix the board down. This robot is...

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  • Time Domain Reflectometer

    Submitted by: womai
    Time Domain Reflectometer

    This instrument works similar to RADAR for high-speed signal paths: It performs time domain reflectometry (TDR), i.e. it sends a step into the path (cable, p...

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  • Picaxe Oscilloscope

    Submitted by: womai
    Picaxe Oscilloscope

    This is a full-featured dual-channel oscilloscope based on the Picaxe 28X1 (or optionally the 28X2). The Picaxe controls the sample logic (made from just fou...

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  • Echo Box w/ PICAXE 08M

    Submitted by: ironjungle
    Echo Box w/ PICAXE 08M

    What is an "Echo Box" you ask? Simple. You tap on the box and a few seconds later the box echos those taps back to you. For build details and source code...

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  • All Weather Box & Project Box

    Submitted by: tarzan
    All Weather Box & Project Box

    This project box is an all weather self contained low maintenance long duration tool. For what, I’m not really sure yet. Powered by the sun it stores energy ...

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