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  • Battery Current Alert

    Submitted by: grimjordax
    Battery Current Alert

    The Battery Current Alert watches ripple currents induced by the rectifier in a VRLA or other lead acid systems to determine battery health and sets off an a...

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  • PICAXE 18M2 Four Letter Word Clock

    Submitted by: ironjungle
    PICAXE 18M2 Four Letter Word Clock

    Displays the time in 24 hour format and a four letter word on a low cost serial display. A relay offers a clock like ticking sound.

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  • Beeping Clock

    Submitted by: mkstevo
    Beeping Clock

    The Beeping Clock is a PicAxe 08m2+ microcontroller and a DS1307 time keeping integrated circuit along with the peripheral components required to make the tw...

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  • 4 Servo Hexapod

    Submitted by: Scientificfreek8479
    4 Servo Hexapod

    Here is my 4 Servo 18M2 chip walking hexapod project. I created it in order to allow me to learn more about the PICAXE programming. I have thus used a breadb...

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  • autonomous robot

    Submitted by: nicolascon
    autonomous robot

    This is my first autonomous robot with tracks. I put 2 relays in the motor output to have extra power in the motors. Also it have a solar panel so the day w...

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  • luna desktop bot

    Submitted by: jinx
    luna desktop bot

    hi, i made this desktop bot to help me better understand some of the feature of the picaxe and picaxe basic,Luna is a servo(factory mod) differential drive...

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  • My (simpler) Shield

    Submitted by: cactusface
    My (simpler) Shield

    My version of the Shield! Using a 20M2 or X2, this is a little more basic! but easier for beginners to understand, it does'nt have the port pins scattered t...

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  • Picaxe Robot Ant

    Submitted by: mikey77
    Picaxe Robot Ant

    This robot ant is capable of locating an object using a Sharp infrared sensor and then moving forward and picking it up. It can also be remote controlled ...

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  • Security Plinth

    Submitted by: aholland909
    Security Plinth

    A project I made in DT systems. It was built very quickly and crudely. If I had more time I would have perfected it. It was designed to protect items like ...

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  • Buggy-Bot-2

    Submitted by: cactusface

    A simple buggy-bot using a Polou round chassis, with Ultra-sonic range finding and obstical avoidence. Runing on a Picaxe 20X, Wheel power from a Tamiya dual...

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  • Cinta elevadora con parada automática

    Submitted by: coparu67
    Cinta elevadora con parada automática

    Se trata de una sencilla aplicación práctica de la tarjeta "Alarmas Picaxe". Estudiantes de 14 y 15 años de secundaria diseñaron y construyeron cintas eleva...

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  • Morse Code Temperature Orb

    Submitted by: mrburnette
    Morse Code Temperature Orb

    An inside thermometer (F/C) that flashes a color-coded band with the Morse Code being means of communicating the temperature. Guaranteed to generate discuss...

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  • Picaxe Cubic Inch Robot

    Submitted by: mikey77
    Picaxe Cubic Inch Robot

    The R-16 robot is a one cubic inch robot. It is capable of reacting to its environment with music wire whiskers. It can move and explore the perimeter of a b...

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