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  • Picaxe clock & thermometer

    Submitted by: raits999
    Picaxe clock & thermometer

    This is a project that I made for my brother, it will go to his garage after he finishes the case. It shows time, inside and outside temperature. Brain for...

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  • Robot resuelve-laberintos

    Submitted by: coparu67
    Robot resuelve-laberintos

    Este es el proyecto final de un programa sobre Robótica escolar desarrollado bajo el marco del Programa Profundiza 2012 en Andalucía, España. Durante 12 ses...

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  • 08M RF Signal Strength Meter

    Submitted by: Andr0id
    08M RF Signal Strength Meter

    Create a simple 08M based RF Signal Strength Meter.

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  • Self Calibrating Tank Gauge

    Submitted by: blueboater
    Self Calibrating Tank Gauge

    This is a water level gauge that I designed to measure the water level of tank built into the bow of a narrow boat. The tank is irregular in its shape and th...

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