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  • ASSO ROBOT 6-axis robotic arm

    Submitted by: elector-alex
    ASSO ROBOT 6-axis robotic arm

    This robotic arm is designed with PICAXE 18m2 touch sensor, in the movie I present to you one of the many functions that can 'do. the keyboard is used to mov...

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  • Megan40 - Picaxe 08 Firefly

    Submitted by: _Gareth_
    Megan40 - Picaxe 08 Firefly

    This is robotic Firefly based on a picaxe 08 using UltraViolet leds as sensors. The UV leds are connected to a LM324 opamp that amplifies and also condition...

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  • PICAXE 08M Motion Activated Robot

    Submitted by: KRA5H
    PICAXE 08M Motion Activated Robot

    Want to learn how to build a robot out of Snap Circuits? I'll show you how to combine Snap Circuits parts from three different sets--the Snap Circuits rover,...

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  • 20M2 Mobile Robot

    Submitted by: erco
    20M2 Mobile Robot

    This inexpensive robot is built on Sparkfun's $15 Magician chassis and uses a variety of sensors to showcase the 20M2's many amazing features. Three touch se...

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  • PICAXE Simplest Clock - Software clock

    Submitted by: chipwich
    PICAXE Simplest Clock - Software clock

    After creating the simplest nightlight possible (but with very neat functionality) using just a single PICAXE 08M2 chip and an LED, I became intrigued by wha...

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  • Simplest Picaxe Night-light

    Submitted by: chipwich
    Simplest Picaxe Night-light

    This minimalist hardware project is balanced by the wonderful software capabilities that are embodied in even the simplest Picaxe chip. Consisting only of a...

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  • the duck

    Submitted by: jinx
    the duck

    This is my second little bot, it's a autonomous roving bot with a servo differential drive, with a pan and tilt design am working on, it's using a picaxe 20x...

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  • DHT11 and DHT22 from 32MHz PICAXE

    Submitted by: pleitch
    DHT11 and DHT22 from 32MHz PICAXE

    The DHT range of sensors are very cheap sensors that provides both temperature and humidity in a digital form. This means that actual numbers are provided f...

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  • Pic N Axe Batteries

    Submitted by: pleitch
    Pic N Axe Batteries

    PicNAxeBatteries is a PICAXE microcontroller application that tests battery levels. It provides a bar based graphic, numeric percentage and numeric voltage ...

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