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  • I Spy with my camera eyes.

    Submitted by: the old fart
    I Spy with my camera eyes.

    I built this to watch garden birds when nesting. It could be used for any cctv setup. I have 2 triple nest boxes, fitted with cheap cctv cameras. Came...

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  • Tractor Parts

    Submitted by: planchibus
    Tractor Parts

    Es un proyecto para alimentar piezas de 2 tamaños mediante un cilindro neumatico programado con picaxe por alumnos de instituto.

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  • 3 zone temperature DATA logger

    Submitted by: Tony P
    3 zone temperature DATA logger

    I wanted a way to record temperatures in a loft space to ensure that the loft insulation was up to the required standard. This would mean that the temperatu...

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  • $50SAT

    Submitted by: srnet

    $50SAT is a fully operational satellite in a 600km high Earth orbit using the PICAXE 40X2 processor and RFM22B radio transceiver. Its a new class of satellit...

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  • Pocket LEDs for Picaxe

    Submitted by: kando
    Pocket LEDs for Picaxe

    Description: I was trying to create a simple game that would be easy to do, but would involve concentration and motor skills. This game involves both. In...

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