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  • Casio Calculator PICAXE datalogger display

    Submitted by: nznrg
    Casio Calculator PICAXE datalogger display

    A fun way to teach maths and science plotting data from a PICAXE on a standard school graphics calculator. The calculator receives input from sensors directl...

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  • Heart rate sensor teddy bear

    Submitted by: nznrg
    Heart rate sensor teddy bear

    A teddy bear fitted with an infra red (IR) sensor in its paw detects blood flow in your finder when you hold its paw. A picaxe 08M chip detects the pulses an...

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  • 4x4 Remotely Operated Vehicle

    Submitted by: tarzan
    4x4 Remotely Operated Vehicle

    Target Environment: Indoors & Outdoors Sensors / Input Devices: A/V Camera (2.4 GHz) 6 Ultrasonic Range Finders (SRF004) 4 Digital Temperature Sensors (...

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  • Robot Boat Celeste

    Submitted by: josefvs
    Robot Boat Celeste

    The Celeste is an Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV), the boat is semi autonomous with a control radius of 5 KM (telemetry and video feed). Main computer is po...

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  • Remote Imaging Device (On wheels)

    Submitted by: sdfgeoff
    Remote Imaging Device (On wheels)

    For quite a long time I've been wanting to make a wireless camera on wheels to drive around. I finally got the video gear a few days back, and so could make ...

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  • Touch screen monitor using picaxe 28X2

    Submitted by: santhoshR
    Touch screen monitor using picaxe 28X2

    This is a simple project which converts your normal computer monitor into a touch screen monitor. I have used two SRF005(ultrasonic range sensors) to measure...

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