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  • Light Sensing LED

    Submitted by: bot1398
    Light Sensing LED

    I was reading through the wikipedia page for LEDs and I came to know that a LED can be used as a light sensor.I decided to make a light sensing LED myself.A ...

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  • brazo robot programable e infrarrojo

    Submitted by: migdime27
    brazo robot programable e infrarrojo

    brazo con servos programable con control infrarrojo y forma manual, todo con picaxe 18m2.

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  • 6-DOF Robot Arm

    Submitted by: erco
    6-DOF Robot Arm

    This small 6-axis robot arm is controlled by a PICAXE 20M2. It uses 6 analog servo. Each arm link is about 4" long, and the maximum working radius at the gri...

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  • PCB 28X Data Logger

    Submitted by: tarzan
    PCB 28X Data Logger

    This is very much a copy of the 18X Data Logger AXE110 offered by Revolution Education Ltd except my one has extended abilities; namely 7 channels of which 4...

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  • A mobile environmental logger using an 18M2

    Submitted by: saunj
    A mobile environmental logger using an 18M2

    My wife and I have been retired 9 years and spend at least 2 months a year traveling, mostly by car or RV, 85 trips so far, two trans-continental. In addit...

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