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  • Puente-grúa

    Submitted by: coparu67

    Este proyecto consiste en un puente-grúa con un grado de libertad que puede moverse sobre dos cables elevados. Mediante un mando a distancia de TV se control...

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  • 08LunchBoxProjectBoard

    Submitted by: isotope

    Although nowadays I mostly use Arduino based controllers, I'm still a big fan of Picaxe 08 chips when it comes to simple projects. But I have never seen a re...

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  • pallet lifter color sorter

    Submitted by: planchibus
    pallet lifter color sorter

    This is a project to raise boxes and differentiate colors. through LCD screen displays a message with the color of the box

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  • 14M2 Barometer with 16x2 Display and Trend

    Submitted by: nickcinquino
    14M2 Barometer with 16x2 Display and Trend

    PICAXE 14M2 LCD Barometer With Trend Analysis Nick Cinquino 12/12/2013 A barometer measures atmospheric pressure, which can be a good indicator of futu...

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  • 4x4 Truck

    Submitted by: tarzan
    4x4 Truck

    Stage one complete. Major mechanical components now in place. Two powerful drive motors front and rear driven separately. Differential gearboxes used a...

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