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    Submitted by: akarsh

    Hello guys, this is an electronic throttle interpreter a.k.a electronic accelerator, This project is all about controlling the carb of your engine using s...

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  • BEAM/Picaxe 20x2 Solar Turbot

    Submitted by: JamesWhite
    BEAM/Picaxe 20x2 Solar Turbot

    A Turbot is a robot that moves about using spinning flagella (arms) much like a bacteria moves about. Tumbling along, charging, looking for light and then mo...

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  • Sound sensor activated led eyes

    Submitted by: jarim
    Sound sensor activated led eyes

    A pair of leds will flash momentarily whenever someone makes a loud noise. The led intensity depends on the sound level. The leds fade out smoothly. A sim...

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  • DIY Scanning Spectrophotometer

    Submitted by: nickcinquino
    DIY Scanning Spectrophotometer

    PICAXE 08M2 SCANNING SPECTROPHOTOMETER Nick Cinquino 10/6/2013 A scanning spectrophotometer scans through, and detects, a wide range of visible light ...

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