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  • Voice Operated Internet Control of a PICAXE

    Submitted by: Tayeb
    Voice Operated Internet Control of a PICAXE

    An experiment with speech recognition in order to control an electronic device remotely through Internet, and demonstrate new functionalities of Google Chrome 11 browser supporting voice-to-text and HTML5.

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  • Internet Control of a Picaxe

    Submitted by: Tayeb
    Internet Control of a Picaxe

    To control remotely through the Internet electronic devices such as LEDs, light and temperature sensors, log readings and produce dynamic graphs.

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  • Tic-Tac-Toe Robot

    Submitted by: rik100
    Tic-Tac-Toe Robot

    I built a robot that plays a perfect game of tic-tac-toe or noughts and crosses. It uses an algorithm from an article in the 1971 issue of Radio Electronics by Don Lancaster called Tic-Tac-Tronix.

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  • Biped

    Submitted by: Denzel

    My project "Biped" is a simple bipedular robot that walks forwards in an arc until it senses an obstacle with its ultrasonic pair. It then reverses at a different arc and carries on ...

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  • PICAXE Based Logic IC Tester

    Submitted by: westaust55
    PICAXE Based Logic IC Tester

    I have started work on a PICAXE based Digital/Logic IC Tester using a 28X2. At the moment, the program is restricted to testing the basic NAND, NOR, AND, OR, ...

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  • 08M IR Remote Controlled Socbot

    Submitted by: crndy52
    08M IR Remote Controlled Socbot

    I got the idea for the Socbot vibrobot when I first saw a vibrobot made from an old 40 pin integrated circuit. This new kid on the block is a highly advanced vibrobot.

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  • 28X2 PICAXE PlayStation

    Submitted by: BeanieBots
    28X2 PICAXE PlayStation

    Finally, I've actually produced a PICAXE project of real use - PLAY. It started off as a datalogger with graphical output. After I'd done all the standard stuff you need ...

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  • Sense-bot

    Submitted by: Pauldesign

    Attached is a toy minimum parts buggy made using under-arm roll-on, x2 stepper motors, ULN2803, bar-graph LED, 9V battery, 5V Reg, PICAXE-18M2 a few caps, resistors, wires ...

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  • Picaxe Game System

    Submitted by: knight
    Picaxe Game System

    In the spirit of giving and Christmas I'd like to share a project i've been working on recently with the community. I'm referring to the project as a Picaxe Game System.

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  • LibreTag

    Submitted by: obroni

    I have been building a Laser Tag system based on 28x-1 Picaxe over the last few months. It has now reached the stage where I was able to host a 5 player D-day landing ...

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  • off-camera flash remote control

    Submitted by: dsvilko
    off-camera flash remote control

    This is something I always wanted but didn't think I'll ever be able to put it together. The hardest part was making the 08M-based 'circuit' small enough to fit inside the flash.

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  • Controlling HO Scale Amusement Park Models

    Submitted by: rileyv
    Controlling HO Scale Amusement Park Models

    Over the past year or so I've built a number of HO scale motorized Amusement Park rides manufactured by a German model company called Faller.

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  • Analog data logger

    Submitted by: picaxester
    Analog data logger

    Heres an analog data logger program that I'm working on. It uses FreeBASIC and a PICAXE 08M to read three analog voltages and then sends them to my pc through the serial port.

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  • Motorcycle turn signal cancellation unit

    Submitted by: RexLan
    Motorcycle turn signal cancellation unit

    I have completed the unit and it appears to work well. I finally had to use a count method to watch the flasher module to get it to work. The code isn't elegant but it is functional.

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  • Basement/Cellar Water Alert System

    Submitted by: Anobium
    Basement/Cellar Water Alert System

    The system detects water, moisture and dampness in the cellar of my Victorian home. The cellar is meant to be sealed but over the last 150 years the sealed walls seep water.

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  • Cammy v.1.0 Living Room Webcam Tracking

    Submitted by: Cuzzler
    Cammy v.1.0 Living Room Webcam Tracking

    To help keep Lucy, my daughter, and Papa connected on a more regular basis he got us both a webcam. This was amazing. We already had a computer hooked up ...

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  • Large Digit Clock with Menu and Keypad

    Submitted by: tarzan
    Large Digit Clock with Menu and Keypad

    This project has been under development for sometime, back in the days of old when the 28X was king on the hill. I was searching the web for 4x20 LCD and came across ...

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  • Mad Dog "Minute to Win It" Robot Player

    Submitted by: e024576
    Mad Dog "Minute to Win It" Robot Player

    Here's a DIY robot designed to compete in "Mad Dog" challenge as seen on NBC game show "Minute to Win It." In "Mad Dog," two Tic-Tac boxes are mounted ...

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  • February Line Followers are fun!

    Submitted by: amramsey
    February Line Followers are fun!

    My PICAXE chips showed in the mail on Friday, so I soldered up a robot last night. This morning I played with some code a bit. Well... not really code I suppose. ;-) Me and my kids ...

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  • Picaxe Autonomous Robot / Big Track

    Submitted by: Robert_5111
    Picaxe Autonomous Robot / Big Track

    Picaxe Autonomous Robot / Big Track - 2 Processors on board ( Picaxe 08M IR detection + Picaxe 20X2 main processor) - 2 dc motors/Weel and motors gears encoder circuit ...

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  • Project Box 4x40 LCD

    Submitted by: tarzan
    Project Box 4x40 LCD

    I always wanted a 4x40 LCD to try out a few ideas for displaying information, now that I have a couple to play with I have built project boxes to house them.

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  • Interval Timer for Physiotherapy

    Submitted by: Anobium
    Interval Timer for Physiotherapy

    This is new device I have build for my wife for her to complete her physiotherapy. She wanted a device that provided fixed interval timing, a visual alert and a sound alert.

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  • 3 year old's MP3 player

    Submitted by: nbw
    3 year old

    My 3 year old daughter wanted a "music box" like her older brother's, so I have made this for her (for Xmas). It's a 28x1 with serial LCD to a 24x2 LCD, connected to a VMUSIC2 ...

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  • Computer Controlled Window Blinds

    Submitted by: kd5crs
    Computer Controlled Window Blinds

    Here's a video of my PICAXE controlled window blinds in action. I could not have done it without the help from the members of the PICAXE forum, you all rock!

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  • Motorized macro rail on the cheap

    Submitted by: dsvilko
    Motorized macro rail on the cheap

    I love macro photography and extremely thin depth of field can be a real problem as the object we are photographing is usually significantly larger. The higher the magnification you ...

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  • Amazing BIG "analog" thermometer

    Submitted by: Robert_5111
    Amazing BIG "analog" thermometer

    You need servomotor + ds1620 + picaxe 08m+ relay. Battery operated with 1/2 years autonomy.

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  • Picaxe driver for 5 x 7 led matrix

    Submitted by: Robert_5111
    Picaxe driver for 5 x 7 led matrix

    This is the minimum circuit for 5 x 7 led matrix. The included video shows the matrix display in action.

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  • Motion-controlled glow fans

    Submitted by: happyinmotion
    Motion-controlled glow fans

    Here's the latest project - motion-controlled glow fans for dancing with. Inside each is a Picaxe 20X2, reading a 3-axis accelerometer, working out the hue from the angle of ...

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  • 16 Channel Lighting Sequencer

    Submitted by: Michael2727
    16 Channel Lighting Sequencer

    Festive Events are looking brighter already The included video shows a 22 Second clip of the o/p Board running through 120 patterns, some are blank.

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  • ROYGBIV color fader

    Submitted by: sniper887
    ROYGBIV color fader

    Took me a while to crack this. This circuit controls a single RGB LED and fades through the colors of the spectrum. Now to find something to light up with it.

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  • My Robot Darwin

    Submitted by: jes1510
    My Robot Darwin

    I built a small robot for a contest based on the 18x and motor driver board. It was a pretty fun project and the PicAxe made things pretty simple.

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  • Perpetual Ball Roller

    Submitted by: unigamer
    Perpetual Ball Roller

    This machine is controlled by a PicAxe Microcontroller. A servo is used to tilt the track for a ball to roll round. The degree of the tilt can be controlled by a potentiometer ...

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  • My first Rover pathfinder

    Submitted by: Aliekor
    My first Rover pathfinder

    Hi guys, this is my first robot rover!!! TAMIYA - Twin motor gearbox + Truck tire set 36mm + Ball Cater da 3.8mm POLOLU - Round robot chassis PICAXE18x - L293D ...

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  • K9

    Submitted by: JoC

    Just a quick photo of the K9 I made for my son. He was built from clear PVC scrap sheet, (which I got for free from a local plastics firm. Nice blokes!), and which I later painted.

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  • Draughts Sorter

    Submitted by: exartemarte
    Draughts Sorter

    A draughts sorter constructed from fischertechnic parts, with a homebrew reflective IR sensor to detect and identify draughts, controlled by a Picaxe-18X on a Picaxe project board ...

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  • Animatronic Wolf Tail

    Submitted by: Marcwolf
    Animatronic Wolf Tail

    After much work I can show my animatronic wolf tail in its final stage. All that it needs is the covering and a final program to compensate for the dampening effect the fabric ...

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  • Automated Model Dredger

    Submitted by: Yessir
    Automated Model Dredger

    Thought I would just share the project which I have been working on for the last 18 months with you. I originally built the model of the Mannin dredger about 8 years ago ...

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  • Autonomous Avoidance Robot

    Submitted by: pjl83
    Autonomous Avoidance Robot

    I thought I'd post a picture and a video for you see my first attempt at a robot. It's a pretty simple 2 motor set-up driven by an L239D motor driver on a 28X1 project board.

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  • Towers of Hanoi with 08M

    Submitted by: rik100
    Towers of Hanoi with 08M

    This is my first project with the Picaxe. It uses an 08M to solve the 'Towers of Hanoi Puzzle'. The construction uses 2 servos taped together with double sided tape for elevation ...

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  • Picaxe-based Satellite: PongSat-18X

    Submitted by: kranenborg
    Picaxe-based Satellite: PongSat-18X

    My son Joost and I want to introduce our near-space PongSat-18x project. A pongsat is an experiment that fits inside a pingpong ball and will be flown to the near-space ...

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