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  • LED's in a circle

    Submitted by: Moondrop

    This is designed to be a cool light flashing thing that slows over time. I also designed it so that the button input1 will turn on then off and input2 will t...

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  • PICAXE Homemade Computer

    Submitted by: pleiser
    PICAXE Homemade Computer

    This Is my PICAXE based computer running PLOS (Patrick Leiser Operating System), It won first place in the sacramento regional science fair, and fourth place...

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  • Monitor Saving Hack

    Submitted by: maxhirez
    Monitor Saving Hack

    What used to be my main workstation monitor developed a little problem last summer-it decided that if it had been in sleep mode for more than a few minutes, ...

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  • Windturbine Rotor speed guard

    Submitted by: MVdS
    Windturbine  Rotor speed guard

    It is a single PICAXE 18M2 micro controller based application that measures the rotorspeed of a small wind turbine. Above the constructive maximum allowed sp...

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