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  • KodeKLIX SnapBug - a cute wearable PICAXE

    Submitted by: ncoplin
    KodeKLIX SnapBug - a cute wearable PICAXE

    SnapBug is a snap-compatible electronic project for STEM courses. Powered by a PICAXE 08M2 chip, it is coded completely in BLOCKLY. The code features a libra...

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  • Flashing Fragrance

    Submitted by: Hohnhorst
    Flashing Fragrance

    Imagine the gorgeous flavour and see the flashing light. Enjoy the PICAXE project with the smallest microcontroller 08M2+. Have a look at the video to see wh...

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  • miniFloppyPINGBot

    Submitted by: SolidWorksMagi

    The UltraSonic sensor detects something, then the bot begins to talk and sing. This same bot can be used for Collision Avoidance (minor alteration to the ...

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  • NIMH battery gauge

    Submitted by: Volhout
    NIMH battery gauge

    In remote controlled airplanes, a 4.8V (4 cel) battery is used to power electronics. To prevent flying an airplane with an empty battery, this battery condit...

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