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  • Picaxe breadboard workstation

    Submitted by: tarzan
    Picaxe breadboard workstation

    I don’t have to tell you how frustrating it can be to find out that your experiments have gone haywire because of a bad connection. To minimize such events a...

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  • Picaxe Five processor LED Clock with sound

    Submitted by: Casace
    Picaxe Five processor LED Clock with sound

    Picaxe …. Five Processor LED Clock with sound and electronic pendulum. Picaxe Microprocessor controlled LED Clock using (4) 40 x 2 and 1 18M2 Chips. S...

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  • LineIronBot

    Submitted by: isotope

    LineIronBot is a hacked dead iron. I've modified it to be a line follower. It has Picaxe 28X1 as a brain and 3 x QRD114 as reflectance sensors.

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  • microSD card data logger

    Submitted by: Jeremy Harris
    microSD card data logger

    This data logger project records 6 temperatures (to 0.1 deg C resolution) and 2 relative humidity measurements to a microSD card. It uses a 14M2 and AXE133Y...

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  • Dance Dance Roverbot!

    Submitted by: KRA5H
    Dance Dance Roverbot!

    Elenco has incorporated the PICAXE 08M into their Snap Circuits product line called Snap Circuits Micro that teaches you how program the PICAXE microcontroll...

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