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  • PUP Hand-Held Game Console

    Submitted by: ncoplin
    PUP Hand-Held Game Console

    The PUP is a simple handheld console that provides the key elements of a game system – screen, sound and user control – in a handy pocket sized package. ...

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  • Rocker-Bogie Rover

    Submitted by: pippofjk
    Rocker-Bogie Rover

    Rocker-Bogie Rover is a radio frequency controlled robot, that uses the famous Rocker-bogie suspension system developed by JPL NASA for exploration rovers (l...

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  • Sweetdreams projection nightlight

    Submitted by: chipwich
    Sweetdreams projection nightlight

    This is a nightlight that projects color changing patterns on the ceiling. It is a pleasant companion for kids to use when drifting off to sleep at night. ...

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  • Musical Robotoy

    Submitted by: chipwich
    Musical Robotoy

    This is a robot toy driven by a PICAXE 20M2 microcontroller and L293D H-bridge motor controller. The motors are activated by a simple photophile (or photovo...

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