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  • Timer for UV led PCB exposure box

    Submitted by: jarim
    Timer for UV led PCB exposure box

    This project is an exposure timer for diy pcb making for a home made ultraviolet light exposure box. Exposure time can be set in 10 second increments. Th...

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  • IR controller for Deskpets Tankbot

    Submitted by: Rick100
    IR controller for Deskpets Tankbot

    IR controller for a Deskpets Tankbot made from a Picaxe 08M2. It replaces the IR dongle for a smart phone that came with the tankbot. It gives much better co...

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  • Hexápodo

    Submitted by: coparu67

    El proyecto HEXÁPODO o "Robot caminante de 6 patas" ha sido desarrollado por alumnos de Educación Secundaria Obligatoria de 14 y 15 años en el programa "Anda...

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  • PumpkinAxe

    Submitted by: isotope

    This is a Halloween ornament. A plastic pumpkin hacked with RGB light, speaker and a servo to move the head

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