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  • Ionization Chamber Radiation Detector

    Submitted by: charleswenzel
    Ionization Chamber Radiation Detector

    This radiation detector uses an ordinary coffee can to detect low levels of radiation, much like a Geiger counter, but without the clicking. The PicAXE08M de...

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  • Simple Drifting Robot Car

    Submitted by: fritsl
    Simple Drifting Robot Car

    I had a "Drifting RC car", and wanted to see if I could turn it into a robot really easily. Using an AXE230 an SRF05, and a couple of old servos for hardware...

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  • PICAXE 18M2 Robotic Hand

    Submitted by: ironjungle
    PICAXE 18M2 Robotic Hand

    Using a PICAXE 18M2 uC, five servos, a few resistors and some random 'stuff' around the house, we built this robotic hand. Then we wrote some software to con...

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  • PICAXE 20X2 Morse Code Decoder

    Submitted by: mrburnette
    PICAXE 20X2 Morse Code Decoder

    You can search the web and find a number of PIC based Morse Code projects, but they generally are all based around some tone-decoder external circuitry some...

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  • H.E.A.T. - A PICAXE 20X2 Laser Power Meter

    Submitted by: mrburnette
    H.E.A.T.  - A PICAXE 20X2 Laser Power Meter

    I wanted to build a laser power meter but I also wanted the device to function for other purposes since the anticipated use as a LPM would not provide a suff...

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  • The Glen the Stove Project

    Submitted by: chris_the_carpenter
    The Glen the Stove Project

    This is a project I built to monitor the temp of my coal stove as well as various rooms in the house. The data is read and then sent to twitter. Yup, this on...

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  • Walter the Robot

    Submitted by: chris_the_carpenter
    Walter the Robot

    Walter has been a work in progress for quite a while now. Powered by (2) 40x2's on a custom board with tons of hand-made items. Enclosed are just a couple vi...

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  • Robotic Hand Tracker

    Submitted by: joebtheking
    Robotic Hand Tracker

    This is a robot I built to track things. I built this robot to help spice up my science fair project. I built this using a picaxe 28x1, a DAGU pan/tilt bra...

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  • Dancing droplets

    Submitted by: Geir
    Dancing droplets

    The purpose of this project is to have a camera flash triggered at controlled time and have a speaker vibrating a membrane and bounce watercolors of that. Fo...

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  • Picaxe Audio Stereo Controller

    Submitted by: cactus
    Picaxe Audio Stereo Controller

    Project uses a picaxe for stereo volume control and tone generation with a Wii nunchuck for input.

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  • Deacon

    Submitted by: andres briano

    Deacon is a mobile base fitted with the Tamiya Tank tracks and the twin motor gearbox. The chassis was designed and built for this project. The heart of the ...

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  • Grabber

    Submitted by: robodevil

    It uses 3 sensors .i.e. 1 SRF05 and 2 GP2D12 to detect objects and decide whether the object should be picked up or it should be avoided. GP2D12 were not stab...

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  • Red, Blue, Pink LED Nightlight

    Submitted by: ignoblegnome
    Red, Blue, Pink LED Nightlight

    This nightlight provides a randomized light display in three colors. There is a Light Dependant Resistor (LDR) that ensures the nightlight only operates when...

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  • Project Box

    Submitted by: tarzan
    Project Box

    This project box is for semi permanent projects that require housing. It is equipped with AXE022 proto-board, AXE111 data logger memory expander, breadboard ...

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